Cooee Australia is a boutique active range that's designed to allow your body to move the way it needs to. Focused on versatility, quality and fit, Cooee empowers educated decision making when it comes to choosing the right activewear for you. Made for everybody, for everyday.

Our Fabrics

The fabrics used within the Cooee range have been strategically chosen for:


We source the highest quality fabrics that are designed to be worn and washed over and over again. 

Our logo is embroidered on every garment so you’ll never deal with cracked or missing logos that make an item look old or damaged.


Each fabric is fit for purpose, allowing unrestricted, comfortable movements without any pinching, rolling or sliding. Ensuring you feel confident and comfortable in any setting.

There’s a fit for everyone within the Cooee range. 


Whether you’re heading to the gym or hanging out at home on the couch, Cooee is the perfect comfortable, yet stylish choice. Our range is made to fit your lifestyle, whatever your day entails.


Our garment designs are focused around shape and style. They’re figure-flattering, strategically shaping and can take you from gym to street.

Cooee’s Mission

We’re committed to producing high-quality, long-lasting garments that will be worn for years to come. Education surrounding fabric quality and fit is something we’re passionate about sharing with our Coo-munity. Which means you won’t be left second guessing whether you’ve chosen the perfect fit for you.

Quality also goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, as the more uses you can get out of each piece, the less you’ll have to worry about replacing them. We want you to love and wear your Cooee over and over.

Our Story

Cooee was created from a desire to see something different in the activewear space.

“Most brands are very focused on athletes, avid gym-goers and pushing the (physical) limits.

I wanted to see the everyday woman represented in this space as well. 

I’m passionate about championing the mum of 3 that’s on her feet all day long, the girls that live in their activewear, even if they’re just sitting around the house, and the woman that’s on her feet for 8-hours or more at work each day.

Everyone deserves high-quality, stylish and comfortable activewear that fits their body and their lifestyle.

I’m very proud that Cooee has grown to have a diverse community of amazing women that connect with our mission and values.”

- Lauren, Founder